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Touch Messaging

Tracker i50

Advanced black-box tracker

The Tracker i50 is designed by Datalink Systems and made in the USA. It is an advanced GPS tracking device capable of operating over multiple networks. Internal module options include Iridium SBD satellite modem, quad-band GPRS modem and 802.11B Wi-Fi.

Multiple external devices can be connected, including Kenwood NXDN mobile radios, OBD-II engine monitors, messaging terminals and pager devices.

Tracker I50

  • Internal 50-channel GPS receiver
  • Internal satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi options, with auto switching
  • Three external RS-232 serial ports
  • Sleep mode with adjustable wakeup timer
  • Wide input voltage range with load-dump protection
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Nine digital I/O lines
  • Two analog inputs
  • Switched power output for driving external devices
  • Internal flash memory for permanent storage of unit settings
  • Internal data buffer with backup battery eliminates data loss
  • Internal three-axis accelerometer with auto leveling
  • SCADA ready

Android Tablets and Blackberries Touch Messaging

Datalink develops applications for Android Tablets and Blackberries. The Tablets and Blackberries will connect to the Tracker i50 and Kenwood Mobile Radios over Bluetooth using dongles.



External Plug-Ins



Engine Monitoring


An external OBD-II module is available to interface the i50 with vehicle engine computers. This module works with most OBD-II gasoline engines, and some J1939 diesel engines. Engine data is continuously monitored, and any alerts are sent over the wireless network to the DataGate server. DataGate will forward these events to dispatch screens and email addresses.

The following data is monitored:

  • RPM
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Vehicle Speed (for odometer calculations)
  • Diagnostics Codes

AES-256 Encryption

For applications where data security is paramount, we can supply a special version identified as the Tracker i50C. Together with the High Security version of DataGate, this solutions uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt all data packets.



The i50 provides an ideal platform for SCADA applications.


Highway Message Signs

An i50-VMS firmware variant has been developed for remote control of highway message signs using NTCIP and other protocols.