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Garmin NUVI devices with FMI support can be plugged directly into the i50 tracker, enabling two-way messaging and waypoint dispatch.

In the transport of freight, time is money! Drivers getting lost on route cost both time and fuel, and in today's economy the fleet manager must run an efficient operation. By selecting Datalink's DataNET back-end software and a Garmin NUVI Fleet Management terminal, drivers will be able to take the shortest and quickest route to any address with turn-by-turn visual track and voice directions.

Tracker i50

The power of DataNET software allows the dispatcher to select a destination point on a map and to transmit the location over the active network in the vehicle. The Garmin unit will then calculate the best route to the destination point and display it for the driver to follow. Click here to view a Power Point

DataNET will also allow two-way text messages to be exchanged between the dispatch desk and the driver. The driver can send a choice of canned or free-form messages using the on-screen keyboard. The GPS location of the vehicle is automatically sent to the dispatcher's computer mapping display.