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Datalink Systems Inc. (BVI), has been delivering complete "end to end" security and GPS tracking systems for Commercial Markets, Government and Law Enforcement Agencies around the world since 2008. For Government and Law Enforcement our hardware and software (Mobile and Host) can be AES-256 encrypted. Other encryption standards are also available.

Datalink Systems inc. has developed an advanced safety monitoring system for field workers in any location. The Lone Worker system can work over private radio networks, GSM cellular networks and Global coverage satellite networks. We offer a number of options depending on the type of work and protection required.



DTS-102 (Evaluation download. 30 days)  Cost $15 USD
Lone Worker Safety  
Our latest development  is the DTS-102 Android App for SmartPhones.  If you have downloaded our 30 day evaluation copy on "Google Play" you will be able to track one Smart-Phone with GPS reports and emergency alerts using our global Map screen which you can log into using any Web-Browser. There are no additional costs for the complete evaluation period.

CLICK HERE to set up the evaluation period

FULL SERVICE PRICING  (Any compatible asset any location)

  1. Our pricing, should you select our Global Lone Worker Tracking Service after the evaluation period is very simple. There are no contract period requirements. Terms are as follows;
  2. Initial account set up per remote device $50 USD (one time fee)
  3. Monthly access to our Cloud server via a Web-Browser including unlimited monthly asset reports.  $19 USD per month. 
  4. Last month pre-paid.
  5. First payment total is $88 USD.
  6. Payments are secured by Credit Card or PayPal.

Global Service
The DTS-102 uses GSM cellular networks and providing your Smart-Phone has Internet service you can use our reporting and mapping services in most countries.

Other safety GPS tracking devices that work with our host software

Blackberry Phones,  TruckFone,   Heavy Duty designed for the long distance trucking industry.    GL-300  (personal GPS tracker)

Iridium Satellite
NAL shout

Oil and Gas Production

Grace Industries  Lone Worker protection for Oil & Gas production

PLEASE NOTE!  Datalink does not buy and resell 3rd. party hardware.  You can purchase those directly from regional suppliers at a lower costs.


Datalink's DataNET is considered the leader in advanced tracking host software.  To provide Global wide service we provide WebGate login to one of our Cloud Servers. This only requires  Web-Browser software in your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet computer.

For complete information on our Law Enforcement and Military product offerings please contact us directly.



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