Easy to Use PoC App for Android

The Vocalis Android App makes it easy to keep in touch with everyone in your company. Deep customization allows you to organize your company for your needs. Dynamic groups allow you to talk to just the people you need. Location tracking shows you where your employees are and where they have been. Customizable PTT and SOS buttons make it easy for you to stay in touch and stay safe.



- Easily access everyone in your group.
- Switch groups quickly. 
- Create one-time dynamic groups.
- Private call users when you need to talk to just one person.



- Quickly see who is where.
- Track the movement of users from within the app.
- Find the last reported location of a user.
- Easily find users and coordinate with those in your area.



- Customize physical PTT and SOS buttons.
- Increase the volume beyond the limits of your device.
- Enable/disable voice over of important events.
- Change the size of the PTT button and so much more!


Vocalis DC

A Beautiful, Simple Dispatching Console

Vocalis DC is the command center for all dispatching within the Vocalis System. With the ability to track employees on a map, all call the entire company, and monitor groups, the dispatcher is in full control of all aspects of the Vocalis System. Easy to understand and quick to learn, you will be dispatching like a pro in no time.




Vocalis and All Your Assets Brought Together

Connect all of your Vocalis accounts to WebGate and see all of your assets in one place. Whether it’s vehicle tracking, container tracking, or setting up geo-fencing, it can all be done from WebGate. The list of types of assets that can be tracked by WebGate is almost endless. WebGate can be accessed from any device with a web browser and an internet connection, so you’re always connected and in control.

More Info

Vocalis utilizes the cellular network to deliver a wide-area, network PTT solution.

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