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DataGate is a complete “end to end” Windows based IP packet data software solution designed to integrate with a wide range of 3rd party hardware products. DataGate can act as a multi-network routing hub, processing data from a wide variety of devices to “3rd party” host programs, or DataGate can stand on its own as a complete “end to end” system including workstation software with two-way text messaging and extensive reporting and mapping options. DataGate also provides web-browser access from multiple remote workstations via our WebGate program, or for maximum security it can run in a conventional “client/server” mode over VPN tunneling. DataGate can be installed on any Windows O.S. computer.

GPS Mapping and Asset Control

DataHost is the “client” software located in customer’s computers and connects to the DataGate over the Internet, Intranet or local LAN. The default embedded mapping program is Open Streets. Licenses may be required for other mapping programs. Unlike the majority of ASP Web based GPS vehicle tracking services where a 3rd Party hosts all the data, DataHost stores all the historical data on the customer’s computer, allowing for instant recall and Global map zooming in seconds. WebGate is our latest development for interacting with the DataGate server. It is an alternative to the DataHost client software, allowing users to access the DataGate from any web browser without installing software. Each user is assigned various permissions, ranging from simple read-only mapping to complete control over DataGate assets and users. DataGate will integrate with 3rd Party hardware that complies with the DataGate packet protocol format. Datalink can also provide hardware design services for companies that wish to use our DataNET software but do not have “in house” design capabilities. This includes fixed location systems for SCADA/Telemetry applications and mobile type systems for GPS tracking, text messaging, sensor monitoring and file transfers. DataGate can provide a bridge between cellular internet linked Smartphones and Satellite and Terrestrial mobile terminals capable of processing two way text messages and also Mobile Radio Networks (UHF/VHF) and is fully integrated with NEXEDGE. Satellite devices transmitting text messages and GPS location data can also be routed by DataGate to smartphones including Blackberry, iPAD/iPHONE and Android devices and displayed on a map on the smartphone’s screen. DataGate is available with an email and SMS SSMP server allowing SMS messages to be sent over multiple satellite and terrestrial networks. All compatible hardware is sourced directly from the manufacturer or distributor. Datalink does not resell hardware.

DataGate Features

  • Multiple wireless network (satellite and terrestrial) interfaces
  • Smartphone interface to other networks and devices
  • AES-256 encryption (selected remote devices)
  • Works with static and dynamic IP addressing
  • Optional built in email server with SMPP gateway for SMS
  • Works as a private routing hub for maximum security
  • Works as a public regional or national IP data router hub
  • Integrates with legacy systems and 3rd Party programs
  • Works with MS-SQL and other ODBC databases
  • WebGate allows remote DataGate access control from a workstations
  • Integrates with a wide choice of mapping programs
  • Fully integrated with NEXEDGE
  • Works with high speed Data radio networks

DataHost / WebGate Features

  • Two-way text messaging
  • I/O monitoring and control
  • Follow one asset with auto map scroll
  • Hot pursuit for real-time tracking
  • Administrative control of assets, users and groups
  • Access to DataGate logs
  • Unlimited customer groupings
  • Complete privacy between groups
  • GPS tracking
  • Bing, Google, Open Street and KML mapping
  • Polling for asset positions
  • Remote control of asset settings
  • Historical reports (map or spreadsheet)
  • Polygon (multipoint) geofencing
  • Dynamic geofencing between assets
  • Emergency alerts

DataNet Architecture