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GPS Tracking Client Software

DataHost is Datalink's end-user tracking application, providing a mapping interface for viewing asset locations on Microsoft Bing Maps, MapPoint or Google Maps. External mapping applications such as Google Earth, MapInfo, Streets-on-a-Disk and ESRI ArcGISExplorer are also supported.

Unlike the majority of ASP Web based AVL-GPS vehicle tracking services, where a third-party hosts the data, DataHost stores all historical data on the client's computer, providing security and rapid access to historical reports.

DataHost connects to DataGate over the Internet, Intranet or local LAN, using either a direct TCP/IP connection, or HTTP if required to pass over a Proxy server.


  • Built-in mapping interfaces
  • Asset messaging and configuration
  • Advanced report generation
  • Specialized dispatch and alarm messaging

For more information, please download the DataHost Operating Manual.