VOCALIS PoC provides rural Police and Sheriffs Departments with alternative networks and group channels with unlimited distance. The VOCALIS App can be installed in any phone. DataGate is E911 Dispatch compatible.






Datalink makes it easy to start selling Cellular packet switched services where you can achieve excellent monthly recurring rental revenues.

Our starter kit includes hardware and software licenses and SIM cards. All you have to do is activate the SIM cards and your demo systems are ready to run.  What's included!

- First year CLOUD based DataGate Host

- Two X8 rugged VOCALIS PTToC portables  Tech' Manual

- Two VOCALIS PTToC user licenses (first month)  Tech' Manual

- Two VOCALIS Dispatch Desk programs (first month)  Tech' Manual

- Two plugin OBD GPS and engine monitoring units  Tech' Manual

- Four WebGate licenses for customer log-in (first month) Tech' Manual

- Two DataGate remote licenses for OBD units (first month)

    Your total cost with special 30% discount is $1,435

Resellers buy all future hardware directly from the manufactures giving you maximum mark-up margins. Datalink will provide contact details.

MANUFACTURERS CONTACTS (State you are a Datalink Reseller)
Meitrack TC68L  & T633L  Gina.Zeng@Meitrack.com
Ulefone ARMOR X8            Sales04@szanysecu.com   (Eda)
Anysecu 4G-W2                  Sales04@szanysecu.com   (Eda)









Monitor heavy duty equipment to. verify operators are on the approved list.  Engine will not start if not authorized,


VOCALIS and the the X8 rugged smartphone provide drivers with portable PoC PTT two-way voice comms.. GPS and Mapping for driver routing.





Track School Buses with 20 second updates.













GPS tracking and two-way texting with Kenwood NX5000 series radios




Every City has Public Works Departments and GIS Mapping and Planning Departments. Datalink's GIS-ESRI services can support all those departments.
                                                    Please contact sales@datalinksysteminc.com to place orders

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Log operators on and off duty. Works with street sweepers, SnowPlows and heavy duty equipment
Monitor and control remote pumps for water and sewer and auxiliary power generators.