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VOCALIS PoC provides rural Police and Sheriffs Departments with alternative networks and group channels with unlimited distance. The VOCALIS App can be installed in any phone. DataGate is E911 Dispatch compatible.


London Kentucky has a population of nine thousand. City of London U.K. has nine million people.  They both have the same voice and data needs. DataNET can support both.

is a software suite consisting of Datagate acting as a CLOUD based multi-network central processing hub and WebGate as multiple local web-browsers for workstations, laptops and smartphones. DataGate processes data from LMR - NXDN and analog mobile and portable radios and a wide range of Cellular devices including PTToC.

DataNET is cloud based so no need for hardware installations,  Costs are monthly so no up-front major investment,












Monitor heavy duty equipment to. verify operators are on the approved list.  Engine will not start if not authorized,


VOCALIS and the the X8 rugged smartphone provide drivers with portable PoC PTT two-way voice comms.. GPS and Mapping for driver routing.



A 4G OBD "Plug-in" works for basic GPS tracking and engine monitoring, If the OBD connector is not available a cable adapter allows it to be wired into any 12-24 volt supply. NOTE:  May not be compatible with every make of vehicle.



Track School Buses with 20 second updates.


This device allows for the monitoring of many vehicle functions including doors and warning lights on School Buses to refridgerated compartments on Reefers.



VOCALIS PTT and GPS tracking for all local fleets


PTT over Cellular

Datalink's VOCALIS PoC (PTT)  is very different from all other Cellular PoC services now being offered.   Only DataNET merges voice and "black box" GPS tracking devices on the same screen, SIMs are network agnostic. They log on to the strongest tower whether it be AT&T, T-Mobil, Sprint or other MVNO.

Datalink's VOCALIS has a simple pricing structure which we believe to be the lowest on the market when all features are considered. 

VOCALIS is CLOUD based using Amazon's globe spanning AWS service which guarantees solid performance.

CLOUD service requires no local software instal. Datalink's WebGate provides mapping, and remote device administration and texting from any Web-Browser including smartphones.









GPS tracking and two-way texting with Kenwood NX5000 series radios



This device is the ldeal Cellular equivalent of an LMR Mobile Radio. Easy instaltion in delivery vans or heavy duty trucks.  Map screen assists driver routing,
               Switch your clients to Datalink's M2M Cell' GPS tracking


Every City has Public Works Departments and GIS Mapping and Planning Departments. Datalink's GIS-ESRI services can support all those departments.


Datalink's sales staff can be on-line with you for presentations.                  Click here for Sales material and hardware supplier contact details
VOCALIS PRO delivers group voice and GPS tracking over low cost Cellular networks. Push to Talk with other team drivers and dispatch.   DataNET can provide live route bus locations and passenger counters.    .

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Log operators on and off duty. Works with street sweepers and SnowPlows
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