Why Select WebGate?

WebGate  used by Governments, Law Enforcement and Military Agencies around the world for more than fifteen years, including: U.S. DOJ - U.S. Department of State - U.K. Ministry of Defense - London Metropolitan Police - Royal New Zealand Airforce - Australia's Attorneys General Dept. - The Phillipine Navy
WebGate is a "sole source product" available only from Datalink Systems International Inc. and its global reseller network. Datalink is a world leader in processing IP data over a wide range of wireless networks including LMR, cellular, and satellite. Our DataGate software can be Cloud based or installed on a local windows computer. DataGate has fifteen + years of development evolution behind it. WebGate is a Web-Browser based user interface for DataGate which delivers a multi-network, multi-asset merged common screens solution. Users can access the CLOUD or regional DataGate using assigned credentials ranging from basic screen viewing to remote adminstration of the host DataGate.
has been developed as an "all encompassing" Law Enforcement alternative toAT&T's FIRSTNET and may be the preferred solution for smaller communities.

WebGate is unique in its ability to merge all 3rd party DataGate compatible GPS and texting Apps to appear on common screens. This is a key feature, as Incident Commanders from all responding agencies can view in real time the location of every asset on the ground and in the air. Color coded text alerts and other information can be shared between agencies. Faster than voice where channels may be congested and can be viewed when free and automatically stored.

Unlike FirstNET operated by AT&T using  700 Mhz channel frequencies which may not be available in all communities,  WebGate is network agnostic. The strongest networks are used in each region including T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and MVNOs. Technically, 4G Towers have wider coverage than 5G, which has more limited coverage but provides faster transfer for large files such as video streaming.

With the launch of 4G and LTE across much of the U.S.  PTT over Cellular offers much greater coverage where distance is not a limitation. VOCALIS PTToC and Datalink's Network agnostic SIM cards automatically switches across multiple 3G/4G/5G Networks.
It is recommended to install the VOCALIS PTToC App in rugged IP67 handsets such as the Boxchip S900B or Ulefone ARMOR Android handsets. VOCALIS can also be installed in regular ANDROID and iOS smartphones, battery drain will increase and may not last a full shift.
Free 30 day evaluation accounts are available. Contact sales@datalinksystemsinc.com for details.

Datalink supports the smaller communities with more specialized services.

DataGate + WebGate is a popular choice for law enforcement, military, and government agencies as it can be installed on their own servers, operating as an AES-256 encrypted service behind their firewalls. DataGate and WebGate for Law Enforcement is also P25 compatible.

EduLink is an all-encompassing, internet-based communications platform which is a variant of Datalink’s encrypted DataGate communications and tracking software used by military and governments including the US Marshals Service, the UK Ministry of Defence, and others.

One AWS cloud based EduLink platform will link all administrative offices, schools, teachers, and other staff members. The systems works for fixed locations and mobile assets for an entire school district. This also includes school buses and other assets
. When an incident occurs, the key administrators and staff managers can be in group emergency planning discussions in seconds wherever they are.

REDalert Silent Alarm: the REDalert silent alarm is available and a free download to Android devices. A Mietrack P99 pendant with SOS button is available and will operate over WiFi or 3G-4G cell' networks.


Almost every municipality large and small uses ESRI's ArcGIS to create their maps which are unique to each municipality. DataGate is ESRI-ArcGIS compatible, allowing municipal services maps to be downloaded in seconds when a major incident occures.


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