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Datalink's Software and Hardware Development Team have many years of experience in producing unique software applications to meet the requirements of our global customer base. Datalink's DataGate is a Windows based multi-network platform including LMR VHF/UHF. GSM Cellular and a wide range of Satellite Network. For Military and Governments we offer an AES-256 Encrypted version.

Datalink specializes in bespoke developments with fast delivery. Our development team members have many years of experience with a wide range of protocols and platforms.
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Since its inception in Canada back in 1996, Datalink has been creating advanced wireless communication solutions, with an emphasis on security and tracking of personnel and assets. Government Agencies in many countries, including the Dept of Justice and Dept' of State in the USA and overseas in the U.K. France and Australia use Datalink hardware and software to track and protect field personnel.

Our seasoned team of Engineers have developed a wide variety of solutions for diverse applications, including:

  • Terrestrial and satellite links for local and long distance transportation companies.
  • Wireless tracking and protection of lone workers
  • SCADA remote monitoring of pumping stations, oil and gas facilities, water reservoirs and remote generators
  • Live satellite monitoring of railroad trains in any country
  • Bespoke government tracking solutions including encrypted wireless transmissions

Here is a list of some past projects. Datalink has the background and experience to develop the right solution!

Canada (Oil and Gas Production) Specialized worker safety communications

Time Warner Cable (Hawaii) GPS tracking of cable service vehicles

Swedish Space Agency Control of High Altitude Scientific Balloons

Western Australia Government Tracking of vehicles and other assets

Harris County (Houston, Texas) AVL tracking and messaging system for ambulances

Northern Canada GPS tracking of trucks on lake ice roads

Long Island Railroad, New York. GPS based automatic reporting of trains arriving at each station

San Bernardino Sheriffs Dept,CA GPS based emergency tracking and messaging over geostationary satellite

Carseg SA Colombia Specialized tracking system for LoJack concessionaire in Colombia

Salvation Army (Canada) GPS tracking of donation pick-up trucks

Guayaquil, Ecuador Lo-Jack development for unmanned city wide tracking stations

USA Nuclear Waste Trains. Geostationary satellite-based security tracking of "extremely hazardous" train cargo.

GPS Solutions Surinam Tracker i50 processing data from trucks in open pit mining sites

Fisheries Canada Pilot project for GPS tracking and messaging for deep sea fishing vessels over geostationary satellite

SCADA Geostationary satellite communications for oil field control in the Arctic Circle and Gulf of Mexico

Caracas, Venezuela GPS tracking of bullion security vans

Guayaquil, Ecuador GPS logging of garbage collection truck routes and times

CarSearch Nigeria GPS tracking and two-way messaging for trucking fleet

Globalstar Panama/Venezuela Tracking of fishing vessels

Metro St. Louis Sewer District Field record management and dispatching over CDPD

Manteca Police Department, California. Emergency officer-down security system.

Nuevo Leon State Police, Mexico. Tracker GPS logging of state police patrol vehicles

Spacechecker (Europe) Tracking of trucks, ships and barges across Western Europe

U.S. Customs Special communications systems

Canada Customs Special communications systems

U.S. Dept of Justice Special communications systems

CarSearch. Nigeria Satellite security tracking for long haul trucks

Schneiders Truck Lines. Canada AVL tracking and messaging over satellite and CDPD (dual mode)

North West Pipelines SCADA remote control and monitoring over Globalstar

Nomis Seismographs Remote control and monitoring over Globalstar

All-West (Canada) Lone-worker monitoring and data communications over Globalstar

Haiti Fleet GPS tracking

AST Australia GPS tracking of forest fire fighting aircraft

AST United Kingdom GPS tracking of fishing boats for government fishing compliance


Datalink Systems developed an officer-down personal emergency unit to be worn by police officers. When a panic button was pressed, the signal was transmitted to the patrol car where a Datalink black-box unit processed the data and re-transmitted over CDPD to a DataGate located in the police department's server. DataGate would re-transmit the data to a number of PCs on the LAN.

The system was designed by Datalink and became active in 2001.


Datalink Systems was contracted by the U.S. Deptartment of Justice to develop a variant of DataGate for secure tracking of field operatives in Central America, providing fast emergency response. Personal communication devices worn by the field operatives would link to their vehicle where the data was re-transmitted over MSV-MSAT1 to a base DataGate. The DataGate would process the data and re-transmit to selected pagers.

The system was designed by Datalink and became active in 2002.


Datalink Systems developed software to allow tracking of fire fighting aircraft operated by the Department of Environment and Conservation of the Western Australian Government. This entailed processing data transmitted by Inmarsat D+ satellite terminals on aircraft, then writing the data to an Oracle database and further to detailed map screens.

DataGate IP routing software installed in one of DEC's servers controlled the flow and distribution of data.

Datalink's partner in this project was ASTA (Applied Satellite Technologies Australia).


Datalink Systems developed a city wide monitoring and data relay system that would allow LoJack equipped vehicles to be located quickly when stolen.

CARSEG (LoJack franchisee) placed a number of monitors on roof tops around the city, with each site equipped with a TAIT T2010 UHF transceiver and Datalink's intelligent modem. Data packets were relayed via other sites across the city to the base office where a DataGate processed the data and displayed it on a screen. Receiver signal triangulation located the stolen vehicle in a specific neighborhood followed by a tracker car and Police being dispatched to recover the vehicle.

The system was designed by Datalink and became active in 2000.

Datalink's partner in this project was CARSEG, S.A. based in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


Datalink Systems was contracted to develop and supply a highly secure satellite based tracking and emergency alert system to track trains moving nuclear waste across the USA. A satellite terminal located on the train transmitted the data over the MSV MSAT1 satellite to the ground station, where it was them re-transmitted over MSAT1 to a satellite receiver located on the monitoring company's building. This data path was considered more secure than any terrestrial alternative.

The system was designed by Datalink and became active in 2002.