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What is DataGate?

A translation layer for all of your devices and networks

DataGate has been proven for over twenty years of field operations by government and military agencies. DataGate has no equal. It merges multiple networks, satellite and terrestrial, with hardware made by a variety of manufacturers. GPS track and text communicate with a wide range of assets fixed location and mobile. These assets can include land vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and ground personnel.

DataGate installs on local servers or in the cloud. A MilGate version is also available with AES-256 encryption for military and law enforcement applications. 

Choose the type of DataGate that is right for you:

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What is WebGate?

An Interface that Gathers Together All Your Assets on One Screen

WebGate is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) allowing web browser access to DataGate servers around the globe. Users access DataGate gateways using secure credentials. This allows authorized users to access the DataGate control hub from any web browser.






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Case Studies


US Embassy Attack

On September 2011 Taliban fighters attacked the US embassy in Kabul. A few days later the US State Department contacted Datalink to ask if Datalink could provide a GPS application to work with the embassy’s P25 portable radios.

Datalink delivered a working solution, including DataGate and WebGates, within a few weeks. Providing GPS tracking for all their P25 portables.


London Metropolitan Police

In 2007 the London Metropolitan Police anti-terrorism squad contracted Datalink to develop an Android-based, covert GPS tracking system for undercover officers.


UK Ministry of Defence

Datalink is under a multi-year contract to deliver bespoke variants of DataGate for undisclosed applications.

Client Comments

We searched extensively to find a suitable back office software system, which would enable us to provide services of high quality. We decided on Datalink mainly because of its reliability, flexibility and competitive pricing. The support we receive from Datalink has always been commendable.

- Leon du Plessis
Managing Director, Safe Rider Vehicle Technologies (South Africa)

Having worked closely with Datalink Systems on a number of custom projects over several years we feel ideally placed to comment on the high quality of their products and services. Our customers demand robust, easy to deploy, user friendly and above all else reliable products and solutions the DataGate software and associated hardware meet and excel in all these areas of requirements.

The key elements for us at AST Systems is that Datalink have the in house expertise to be able to take their core products and modify the software or indeed provide custom hardware design and production to enable us to meet exactly a client's bespoke requirements. In addition to custom and bespoke products another key feature is Datalink Systems knowledge, experience and expertise in integrating the constant stream of new data orientated products that are released to market in the extremely fast moving Satellite, GSM and Radio technology sectors.

This allows us to be able to offer customers a constantly up to date software platform that evolves in terms of supported products and features providing the end user with a solution that grows with their needs and is always 'cutting edge', this in turn translates to give the end user maximum return on his investment.

- Applied Satellite Technology Systems (United Kingdom)

Having searched and tried various systems we have found that Datalink has been basically the only system that has given us versatility, high end equipment, advanced software and competitive pricing.

They have a terrific Staff and they give quality Service, One of the greatest advantages of working with DATALINK is of DATALINK's constant new developments and the possibility to customize or have customized work done. This has given us the opportunity to keep up to date with the ever changing communications development and to give customized service to our customers giving them a product they can really benefit from, and of course keeping us way ahead of our competition.

After we found DataLink we stopped searching for better.

- Alvin de Meza
Technical Director, GPS Solutions (Surinam)

With an ever growing market for value-added solutions, we truly appreciate working with Datalink Systems. Their hardware and software is unique, reliable, and well designed. Their systems display a degree of maturity which only comes from many years of valuable experience. With a level of service that is always a step above expectation; Datalink Systems provide an important link in the overall value we provide to our customers.

- Kieth Richardson
IT / R&D Manager, AST (Australia)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Datalink systems for their support during a recent major upgrade to our fleet here at Skelton. Their support is very responsive, and always willing to take the lead in offering solutions, up to and including custom application programming. Combined with the robust hardware they have designed and developed, it is a winning combination. Skelton Truck Lines fleet of tractors and trailers have been using a combined solution of i50 Trackers, Datahost GPS platform, Datagate, and Webgate clients. The Mobius messaging platform is used in the trucks. This system allows real time communication between our drivers and dispatch department, anywhere in North America, over satellite or cellular service, as well as file transfer capabilities. In conclusion, we are increasing our presence in North America this year, and we look forward to doing further business with Datalink.

- Peter Dollery
IT / Systems Administrator, Skelton Truck Lines Ltd.