Programming Instructions (Quick Setup)



NOTE!  The POWER BUTTON is located above the GSM SMA antenna connector and is recessed with a small hole for access.  Use a small tool, or thin wooden dowel to press it.




Turn on the device, then Meitrack Manager will detect the device model automatically and the parameter page will appear

For details about Meitrack Manager, see the MEITRACK Manager User Guide


Under the DEVICE Tab (Top Bar) confirm the IMEI number is displayed. This confirms the programmer is active. Also select "no-sleep" and select "write" located on the right side to update the settings.


Under the TRACKING Tab select TCP.  If you are using SIMS provided by Datalink the APN is NEXTM2M. This must be entered in the APN box. The T-333 must also be configured to link to your domain. It can also be routed to the DataGate Server static I.P. address. However this is more awkward for customer to use when using WebGate to log into your DataGate. This will be under the IP/Domain entry. 

Enter 3333 in the Port box. In the GPRS Time Interval box enter a number which is multiples of 10 seconds. Thirty seconds is recommended.  Select "write" located on the right side to update the settings.


Under the AUTHORIZE Tab there is a wide range of reporting options. This only applies under the GPRS column. You can set GPS updates only when the vehicle is moving. This reduces airtime costs. If you select this option, you should set the static reporting from 30 seconds to five minutes.


Note: The RS232 port can only be used by one device at any one time.



The T-333 offers many advanced programming options which are included in the Factory Support Manual, found on the Meitrack WebSite.

If you need additional support from Datalink, please Email  and provide as much desription and other details that you can in order for us to respond with the support required.


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