We are often asked "why do I need DataGate-Plus". KAS-20 only works with JVCKenwood radios and networks. You may also be selling ICOM or HYTERA. DataGate and DataGate-Plus merges them all onto common screens and databases. DataGate and DataGate-Plus also processes Cellular and Satellite networks.

Datalink is now providing low cost M2M - IoT Cellular SIMs and Airtime. Much lower than the majors like Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. NEXTM2M is a Global roaming service.

NEXTM2M logs on to any carrier at the same low rate.

E.G. AT&T $6 for 5MB  VERIZON $7 for 5MB    
NEXTM2M is only
Datalink's BOLOweb App for Android Smartphones
  $1.50 for 5MB.
5 MB is more than sufficient for GPS and data, including text messages with most cellular devices including Smartphones.

PoC-PTT RATES  (Pooled Plan) Minimum of 10 SIM accounts
Each PTT button press plus 5 seconds of speech averages 15KB. PTT exchanges are totally random, however to get a cost, if we average 5 PTT per session and 50 sessions per day, the monthly data count would be 82 MB at a cost of $5 from NEXTM2M.

Pooled Plan Rate:  100 MB   $6. 
Overage rate:   10 cents per MB or part thereof.
As the plans are pooled, airtime usage is averaged over all devices.

 - 2 x Sinocastel  OBD Plug-In GPS and engine monitoring units
 - 7 x  SIMs  All cellular networks
 - 7 x  three months Cellular Airtime. 5MB each.
 - 2 x  Datalink Job-Dispatcher Android Apps
 - 2 x  Datalink BOLOweb Android Apps.
 - 1 x  DataGate-Plus DMR-NEXEDGE-P25 Host software.
 - 5 x  Datalink WebGates for customer log-ins.

Regular reseller cost - - - - -  - - --  $5,833   Savings $2,933 Datalink Software is provided at no cost.
If you are already running a DataGate-Plus contact us for alternative savings. Or just buy the M2M Cellular service

Wide Roaming Cellular LTE-4G-3G-2G Service
much lower than the national carriers
































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