Cellular is no longer the enemy, It's the doorway to new REVENUE STREAMS
 LMR voice channels get congested with GPS and other forms of data!
   Now you can move GPS and other data on to low cost M2M Cellular channels
        You can track any Mobile Asset with 15 second GPS updates for a very low cost per month.
Datalink's DataGATE  and WebGATE for NEXEDGE and DMR Networks, along with NextM2M Global SIMs deliver an open Multi-Network M2M cellular service with AVL and Data processing second to none. It also provides an ideal platform for PoC communications with GPS.
NextM2M's North American M2M service is network agnostic. When you buy SIMs from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and other U.S. Operators you are effectively tied to their networks.  NextM2M SIMS are global roaming. Meaning they will roam onto the Tower with the strongest signal irrespective of the Carrier. International TELCO agreements require Cellular Networks to process global Cellular communications.

for NextM2M

NextM2M serves over 200 countries with Cellular M2M Data service with Open SIMs. You are not tied to long term contract commitments.






















Datalink offers many M2M Android Apps for operation over cellular networks.





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