DATALINK adds PTT over LMR and Cellular to DataNET

MobiNet is an extension of our new DataGate-Plus which integrates  Raven Electronics  Communications FlexGate Enterprise system with DataGate-Plus  allowing for single screen operation including PTT LMR to Cellular Bridging and GPS tracking.

Duplicate screens can display the same or selected data in any location with internet connectivity.

DataGate installed on a CLOUD server allows one RAVEN FLEXGATE to be shared between a number of independent LMR systems, each totally secure with reduced cost of operation.

Under development is the integration of Iridium's Extreme PTT Satelite phones with Datalink's MobiNET which will allow cross bridging of the Extreme PTT with cellular smartphones and LMR radios.
The Extreme with GPS and data is already compatible with DataNET.

































MobiNET will work with Datalink's WebGate with no additional fees.  However you will need to link to RAVEN PTT hardware. Either a FlexGate or one of their Blade options. This can also be shared on a Datalink CLOUD server.  If you are an SMR, this can be linked to a DataGate-Plus installed in your server and PTT service shared across multiple clients which reduces hardware costs.


 Datalink Systems International Inc. 2017

Ref: 171028