JLINK and JLINK-WiFi reduces operational costs for local Service Fleets








Service Vehicles whether they be gasoline or diesel powered can be equipped with the JLINK or JLINK-WiFi  "Plug-In" shown on the left panel in 2 or 3 minutes, with the data appearing on supervisors workstation screens and maps using Datalink's WebGate Web-Browser Software. 

More advanced reporting for Snow Plows and Lone Worker monitoring would use Datalink's i50-V3 device.  The JLINK units use 3G Cellular modems. The i50-V3 uses 3G Cellular or JVCKenwood  NEXEDGE Networks including "Gen-2"

The JLINK can save the local Service Fleet Operator in so many ways.

  • Monitor work vehicles 24/7 Automatic email alert if moved from yard after hours
  • Report start/stop log in and log out times.
  • Monitor bad driving. Severe braking and cornering.
  • Monitor excessive speeding.
  • GPS tracking with event reporting.
  • Reports unauthorised stops over x minutes.
  • Get engine problem codes emailed immediately to service departments.
  • Monitor excessive engine idling. Fuel wastage.
  • Works with gasoline and diesel engines.
  • GPS tracking of stolen vehicle.
  • Engine fault codes automatically Emailed to Service Department and Fleet Supervisors.
  • Automatic reporting of service schedules. Tire rotation and Oil changes based on distance travelled.
  • Datalink SIM and network service available or use your own SIM and service.
  • JLINK-WiFi can link multiple devices to the Internet within range.  Password protected.


When Dispatching, text messaging and route navigation is required a Garmin 7" MDT is the ideal choice.


Datalink's DatNET software is in a class by itself. All  data from the JLINK is routed over the local Celliular Network to one of Datalink's Cloud Servers where it is stored in an SQL database. Each client can use any Web-Browser and our to log into the remote server with our WebGate program.  Click here for WebGate workstation software.

ROI (Return On Investment)

It is well proven that GPS and Telematics data tracking can result in significant savings, with the investment in these types of systems being recovered in a few months. There are many ROI examples to be found on the Internet. The following is a excellent example how GPS and telematics has reduced operating costs for a number of municipalities. http://www.government-fleet.com/article/story/2014/01/telematics-by-the-numbers.aspx

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