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GPS tracking of School Buses over LMR networks using Digital or Analog radios is possible, however most School Boards or School Bus operators expect GPS location updates every one or two minutes. (Please read this additional comment) This presents problems on shared voice channels if more than 25 school buses are to be tracked  per channel, as the GPS updates will interfere with voice transmissions. Dedicated channels and radios can increase the number of buses that can be tracked. As a rough guide, one dedicated channel can process 50 School Buses with two minute GPS updates.

TRACKING OF SNOWBOUND SCHOOL BUSES A major concern in winter is that of School Buses being trapped in snow drifts and blocked roads. Datalink can provide emergency School Bus tracking and a public website where parents can use their Smartphones to see the current location of the School Bus which their children are on.  Click here for more details.

LMR and WiFi 
As an alternative to the more expensive M2M Cellular tracking, Datalink's i50B-V3 MobiHUB can provide an advanced system with important information delivered immediately and regular route records downloaded over WiFi at end of shift, when the Bus returns to its base. WiFi HotSpots can also be installed along Bus routes but at added costs.

ADDING M2M CELL SERVICE (when there isn't enough channel availability)
By moving all data off the voice channels and on to M2M high speed data networks there is no limit to the number of buses that can be tracked at one minute updates through a Datalink i50 MobiHUB. M2M service is available through Datalink.

Datalink i50 MobiHUB (It can reduce monthly operating costs from day one)
Installing a MobiHUB i50B-V3 terminal  in each bus can save the School Board hundreds of dollars per Bus each month by increased gathering of data from each bus such as wasted fuel through excessive idling, and driver time control, such as driver log ON and OFF duty status. The MobiHUB i50 also allows more features such as RFID and Magnetic Strip Card readers for student tracking.

Engine computer data can be logged, with automatic alerts to the maintenance department, which can alert the department to potential engine failure and costly repairs. The i50 Mobihub will also report bad driving habits and speeding. Click here for more information.

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