HEtrac.... Monitoring and protection of "Off Road" Equipment








GPS monitoring of remote equipment is now common. However Datalink Systems takes it to a higher level. A recognized need in the industry is is the accurate logging of on duty hours and fuel usage including theft of fuel and geofencing against theft of equipment.

At the end of a work shift, all to often an operator signing off will not report low fuel level, or engine warning lights flashing. When equipment runs out of fuel in the worksite the down time and rush delivery of fuel is costly. HEtrac can eliminate those added costs.


  • Highway and road construction.

  • DOT Highway maintenance.

  • Oil and Gas field development.

  • Forestry management.

  • Industrial work sites.

  • Municipal equipment.


  • iButton logs an operator on and off duty with equipment (optional)

  • Engine locked out until operator is authorized (optional)

  • Ultrasonic fuel tank level sensor  (optional)

  • Automatic alerts emailed to to maintenance and supervisors

  • Excessive fuel usage (theft) automatically reported (optional)

  • CAN BUS J1938 engine monitoring (optional)

  • Geofenced site monitoring

You select the options you need to monitor your equipment.


The i50 MobiHUB designed by Datalink and manufactured in California is probably the most advanced mobile terminal on the market. It is available with a choice of wireless networks including Cellular, Iridium Satellites, WiFi and local private radio links such as Kenwood NEXEDGE. The i50 MobiHUB links your equipment via DataLink's DataNET software to your security monitoring desk, your desktop PC or your smartphone.


The Dallas iButton is a very compact programmable device about the size of a quarter and with an internal computer chip and unique ID number to identify the operator. An ibutton reader is mounted close to the start button and wired into the i50 MobiHUB. An authorized log-in will allow the engine to be started. All operator log-in records and optional OBD engine records are transmitted to a DataGate and stored in a database.


Immersed probes or ultransonic sensors can report excessive fuel usage, An ultrasonic device is attached to outside bottom surface of the fuel tank with aviation grade two-part epoxy and connects to the i50 MobiHUB. An ultrasonic ping is transmitted into the tank and reflects off the fuel surface every 30 seconds.  Any sudden drop in fuel level or when the level reaches a pre-determined "low fuel level" a report is sent immediately to maintenance and supervisors via email along with GPS co-ordinates.


All equipment can be geofenced and monitored against theft and removal from the geofenced area.  Any violation sends an immediate report to maintenance and supervisors via email along with GPS co-ordinates for continuous tracking of the equipment.


Hardware installation kits  start at $350 USD       Monthly remote monitoring through Datalink's Cloud Server starts at $18 USD per month.


Please visit our main website to learn more about our systems.

For additional information please contact the following offices.

In Canada contact: info@datalinkmulticom.ca  

Telephone: 1-250-276-4211

In USA contact: sales@datalinksystemsinc.com

Telephone: 1-760-309-2251

Our i50 MobiHUB is used to GPS monitor Military Aircraft in flight, and the Swedish Space Agency use the i50 to control High Altitude Balloons for solar research up to 130,000 ft. (outside the stratosphere)