In a major catastrophe, such as out of control Wildfires, the first to fail is voice radio communications, caused by channel overload and a mix of incompatible radios used by local small Fire Halls who are involved in fighting the wildfire and making it impossible for the Commanding Fire Chief to get a complete picture due to overloaded channels and a mismash of radios.


      Datalink's Software and i50 MobiHUB Hardware is approved by CalFire and Washington State Department of Natural Resources

  FireNET also includes Cellular/Internet/Wi-Fi Emails to LMR bridge where standard two-way Emails are translated to LMR text formats












Datalink's FireNet gives the Fire Chief a complete picture of all assets and personnel, including up to the minute GPS locations and status of engine equipment, water/foam reserves including air assets and ground personnel. All this on a Laptop or Tablet screen anywhere. In rural firefighting, a Fire Chief may be responsible for many miles of territory where volunteer firefighting teams may be miles apart and have to be supervised minute by minute in some instances.

                                                    MULTI-NETWORK OPERATIONS = NO DEAD AREAS


DMR tier 3 or NEXEDGE with NX-5XXX radios, 4G/LTE Cellular and Satellite for very remote regions.


 FireNet is a modular system, you only purchase the elements you need for your local operations.




LMR to Cellular PTT









                            LTE/4G              HYTERA            KENWOOD           IRIDIUM              VIASAT




FireNet merges multiple wireless networks including DMR T3, NEXEDGE, Cellular and Satellite Data and displays the information on multiple single screens (password protected). This can also include aircraft tracking data (AFF). Duplicate screens can display the same or selected data in any location with internet connectivity.


FireNet is CLOUD based, using the Internet as the backbone to link to other Fire Departments running FireNet anywhere. Small regional Fire Halls can all be linked together over the Internet using Datalink's MobiNET. 

FireNet will work with most radios however DMR tier 3 Trunked Networking is recommended. 


By upgrading radios and networks to DMR Tier 3, FireNET allows localized Fire Chiefs and Battalion Commanders to use Tablets and Smartphones linked over bluetooth to their HYTERA or other brand of portable radio to communicate over radio data channels and the I.P. backbone, bypassing choked voice channels.  Create messages with selectable code levels including High Priority.  These alerts can be sent locally or system wide over the Internet. All text transmissions include GPS locations. 


Also included is an SOS button to summon rush extractions. This SOS alert with GPS can also be sent automatically to aircraft.




FireNet is a "State of the Art" Communications Network and two of the many features stand out as "MUST HAVE".

  1. All data reports and voice calls are automatically stored for later on-screen recall when the Fire Chief or assistants have to compile a detailed report for future distribution.  This is a key feature.

  2. The ability to PTT long-range to other Fire Chiefs or senior field managers using Datalink's MobiNET  PTT LMR to cellular bridging.














FireNET Software is a free download for evaluation


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Datalink's FireNet Software is fully scaleable allowing small urban Volunteer Fire Halls to participate with no monthly fees!  Only a "one time" system access and set-up fee to link to our Global Cloud Servers.

                        Government Agencies can operate FireNet on their own Servers and Networks

The extent of network voice and data functionality is only limited by the radios and other hardware purchased.

                                     There is only one version of FireNet. Just add the elements you need.











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